The people who help us learn

The people who help us learn

Amethyst Class is a mixed Reception and Year 1 class, the other Reception class being Sapphire Class and the other Year 1 class being Emerald Class. 


Amethyst Class


In Amethyst Class, we are lucky and have two teachers! 


Mrs Marsden on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday  

Mrs Eyles on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.

Mrs Cunningham is our Teaching Assistant, and she is with us everyday.  Miss Gilbert also works everyday in Amethyst class too.




We have lots of lovely adults looking after us and helping us to learn, play and grow.


We work closely with both Sapphire and Emerald Classes, so you may often hear us talking about these adults too:


Mrs Dunderdale, Mrs Bayley, Miss Blow, Mrs Rigby, Mrs Sutton, Miss Gill, Mrs Gray, Mrs Denby, Mrs Parker and Mrs ODell