Young Carers

Young carers are a vulnerable group and are significantly more likely to be bullied face to face and online. 


A young carer is a child under the age of 18 who helps look after someone in their family, or friend, who is ill, disabled, living with a mental health condition or who misuses substances. 


Young carers have a range of responsibilities which might include caring for a sick relative or friend, or taking on the role of translator for their parents if English is not their first language.  This can have a significant impact on their lives which can leave them feeling different or isolated from their peers. 


As a school, we are committed to supporting young carers generally, but particularly if they are experiencing any bullying because of the role they have in their family.  Little Gonerby School offers a buddying support scheme to provide opportunities for young carers to speak to others in similar situations. 


If you have any concerns that a child at our school who is a young carer is at risk of bullying, please complete the form below: 

The links below will help families with children who are young carers: