Keeping in touch

Keeping in touch


You can find lots of information on this, our school website, but we also use Twitter a lot to share information and to show you what fun we are having at school!


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Please follow us:



If you need to speak to a teacher, they are available at the end of every day - our teachers are always happy to see you.  You can speak to the adult on the door in a morning or request an appointment at the school office. You can also leave a message at the office by ringing or emailing. 


Please remember to let our school office staff have your email address for parentmail as this is our main source of communication.  All information will be shared through Parentmail, unless you request paper copies (this can be done through the office).


Please ensure our office staff have your current phone number and address in case we need to contact you. 


You can email us:



You can follow your child on tapestry. You can view pictures and comments from the teacher as well as add your own pictures of achievements at home. We will let you know when Tapestry is ready for you to access.


Each term we send out a Project Newsletter explaining what our learning focus is, and sharing any other curriculum based information with you.


There is also a whole school newsletter which shares updates, information and events with you.