Listening Lunchtimes

LGSC Listening Lunchtimes 


This is a new idea that the LGSC launched in 2016, and it has been very successful in encouraging all children to share their thoughts with their LGSC, and will continue this year.


Our Listening Lunchtime Ambassadors are:


to be announced in Term 1



Bus Stop Buddy -

look for *** on the second Monday of each term and they will bring you to our Listening Lunchtime.


LGSC Listening Lunchtime is an opportunity to enable all children to talk to and ask questions to our school council.  The LGSC take turns to attend these sessions.


These times are held by the LGSC, and are all about communication between the children in our school.  A time where any child can ask any question or share any thoughts with a School Councillor, who can then take that back to a LGSC meeting where it can be addressed.


Children can attend any session, for any reason. This is a time for the children to share their 'voice' with their School Council, who can then in turn share with the school staff.


The LGSC welcome all LG children, and listen to all their thoughts and ideas, every second Monday of each term at lunchtime 12.30-12.45 in Amethyst Class.