This Unit of Work consists of clearly sequenced lessons with planning, key learning and outcomes that support the National Curriculum.


Musical Spotlight: Playing in a Band


Playing together in a band is fun and exciting! Children will learn to read the notation of one of the easy instrumental parts when playing together in this unit.


In music, the steady beat is organised by time signatures which tell us how many beats there are in each bar.


What are the time signatures of the music you are playing? When people sing or use instruments to play two or more different pitches that sound at the same time, we can hear harmony in music.


We will explore singing and playing instruments together to create these beautiful sounds.


Social Question: What Stories Does Music Tell Us About the Past?

We will explore this question as we progress through the unit.


Musical Learning: Singing and listening are at the heart of each lesson. We will play, improvise and compose using a selection of these notes: C, D, E, F, G, A, B


Reading notation is introduced as an option in year 3.

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