History at Little Gonerby CE Primary Academy


At Little Gonerby CE Primary Academy, we recognise the importance of providing our children with a chronological understanding of past events. Our pupils will learn about: chronology, cause and effect, similarities and differences, significant events and Hierarchy.


We aim to explore how ancient civilisations have made way for modern history, both in Britain and throughout the world, and how these aspects, alongside Christian teachings, shape how we let our light shine in the modern world.


“The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future.” Theodore Roosevelt




● To be able to understand the chronology of British history.

● To be able to link British history with world history, both ancient and more recent.

● To understand the historical importance of hierarchy.

● To know the historical importance of their local environment.

● To be able to explain how history and historical events impact our lives in modern Britain and the world today.




• Teaching is progressive and builds skills and knowledge in a well thought out sequence created through Knowledge-rich projects.

• History topics are taught during Autumn and Summer topics.

• Visits to local historically significant places.

• Visits from historical specialists.

• Through contemporary issues in Collective Worship.

• Through the teaching of RE and RSHE.




● Enabling children to understand their place in world.

● Developing the knowledge and understanding of the chronology of Britain and the world.

● Understanding the historical significance of Boston and Lincolnshire.

● To understand how historical events still impact them today in the modern world.




● Planning is theme-based and informed by the subject progression in History. Cornerstones provides a knowledge rich resource basis for delivering the History curriculum.

● A progressive approach to ensure that all children fulfil their potential as ‘historians’.

● Using a cross-curricular approach to link history to other areas across the curriculum.

● History is taught in Autumn and Summer from Y1-6



Opportunities in History:

RSHE – British Values


Art and Design

Design and Technology