Geography at Little Gonerby CE Primary Academy



At Little Gonerby CE Primary Academy, we teach the knowledge and understanding of the human and physical world around us, allowing our students to develop their knowledge of the Earth, and their place in it.


We promote the unique diversity of Little Gonerby and Grantham, developing an understanding of our local geography centred around growing and farming. Intertwined with the Christian value of stewardship, we seek to inspire curiosity within our children and aim to give our learners the knowledge they need to understand the world around them in order that they can shine.


“Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future.” Michael Palin




• To understand the difference between natural and man-made geography and the different ways in which both of these shapes how countries interact with one another.

• To understand to impact of global warming on the world and their role in combatting this.

• To understand key human and physical geographical features of the world and describe how these have changed over time

• To make connections with local geography and understand Lincolnshire’s agricultural links to the UK and the rest of the world.

• To be able to interpret a range of geographical information such as maps and diagrams




• Teaching is progressive. It builds skills and knowledge in a well thought out sequence created through knowledge rich projects.

• Geography key skills are taught as companion projects in Autumn term.

• Spring term is a geography driven main topic project.

• Links to, and visits from, the local community.

• Extra-curricular opportunities including Gardening and Environment club.

• Visits to local geographically significant places.

• Through contemporary issues in Collective Worship




● Enabling children to understand their responsibility to look after the world.

● Developing the knowledge of where we live in relation to the rest of the world.

● Understanding the difference between human and physical geography and the impact they both have on the world. Planning

● Planning is theme-based and informed by the subject progression in geography. Cornerstones provides a knowledge-rich resource basis for delivering the geography curriculum.

● A progressive approach to ensure that all children fulfil their potential as ‘geographers’.

● Using a cross-curricular approach to link geography to other areas across the curriculum.

● Geography is taught in Autumn and Spring terms in Y1-6 and where there are meaningful opportunities.


Cross-curricular Opportunities in Geography

PE – Orienteering

RSHE – British Values

RWV – Creation and Stewardship History