Computing at Little Gonerby CE Primary Academy


At Little Gonerby CE Primary Academy, our aspiration for each child is based upon the need to enter the world of work as articulate and literate users of technology. All pupils will be provided with opportunities to engage in deep and varied learning experiences in the elements for computing. We strive to give pupils a stimulating environment, where technology is at the heart of our learning. Pupils will use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world.


“Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.” Stephen Hawking




● Digitally literate pupils

● Safe and understanding users

● Creative, independent learners

● Competent users

● Confident and respectful users




● Teachers will act as role models in their safe use of technology, modelling correct use and vocabulary.

● Computing lessons are taught through Barefoot Computing blocks which create an environment that gives pupils the knowledge and skills needed to use technology and stimulates the generation of ideas.

● Specific core concepts will be taught which will then be applied cross-curricularly.

● Using modern technology forms an integral part of our approach to creating pupils who are ready to enter today’s society and flourish.

● Offering the opportunity for parents to develop their own understanding of digital literacy and E-safety through National Online Safety.




● A belief that every child can, and will, become a competent user of technology.

● A focus on teaching the skills of computing.

● A cross-curricular approach giving chances for skills to be applied in a wide range of contexts.

● Consistent focus on E-safety.

● Explicit teaching of vocabulary.

● A variety of high-quality, relevant computing programmes are used.

● Regular staff training. ● Relevant computing equipment (a dedicated technician to review fortnightly). ● Regular use of computing equipment

● E- safety displays in every classroom.


Little Gonerby CE Primary Academy Computing Strategies


*Regular teaching of E • -safety (key thread)

*Computing across the curriculum

*Use of chrome books & iPads

*Skills taught explicitly

*Skills applied across all subjects

*Staff trained and competent in technology being used

*Key strands: (Re-visit key knowledge and skills)


-Creating Media

-Data and information

-Design and development

-Computing systems

-Impact of technology



-Effective use of tools

-Safety and security




Each term contains an E-safety lesson directly from National Online Safety through RSHE. Computing is planned and taught through Barefoot computing. Modules offer cross-curricular links and cover the National curriculum through broken down small steps. These are mapped and tracked to ensure each key stage is being taught the relevant skills and knowledge for their age. The approach merges the key core concepts including: E-safety, Digital Literacy and Coding. Pupils learn best when skills are continuously revisited, built upon and deepened.


Cross-curricular Opportunities in Computing


All pupils have the opportunity to use computing across different subjects and for different purposes. Modern and relevant programmes are used which respond to the age of the pupils, class interests, current news items and the ever-changing world of technology.