Art and Design at Little Gonerby CE Primary Academy


At Little Gonerby CE Primary Academy, we understand that art and being creative are a vital part of our children’s education. Through our skills and knowledge-based curriculum, pupils explore a range of materials and experience works from a diverse range of male and female artists as well as contemporary and historical acclaimed artists.


Our children have the opportunity to develop and extend their skills whilst letting their individual creativity 'shine'.


“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness.” Anni Albers




● To gain experience in using different media

● To know a range of important pieces of art and artists from throughout history

● To enable children to have the confidence to take risks

● To develop the skills needed to make active choices in how they create.




● Teachers will promote inclusivity through quality-first teaching using high quality resources provided through the online Cornerstones scheme

● Teaching is progressive and builds skills and knowledge in a well-thought-out sequence, created through companion projects

● Artist workshops and case studies

● Opportunities to publish their work

● Taking part in community initiatives and competitions




● Enabling children to develop their creative flair

● Children to become competent in choosing their own media and applying appropriate skills

● Encourage a lifelong love of art and design




● Planning is theme based and informed by the subject progression in Art. Cornerstones provides a resource basis for delivering the Art curriculum.

● A progressive approach to ensure that all children fulfil their potential as ‘an artist’.

● Using a cross-curricular approach to link art to other areas across the curriculum.


Cross - curricular Opportunities in Art and Design



Design and Technology