Reading -Intent, Implementation and Impact statements. 





At Little Gonerby Primary Academy, we recognise reading as a key life skill, which underpins access to the rest of the curriculum. We want all our children to develop a passion for reading and enjoy sharing books with family, friends and school staff. We strive to give children tools to read single words and simple sentences by the end of their reception year. Throughout Key stage One children will develop word reading skills to enable them to read words on sight and decode unfamiliar words effectively, they will also build up their reading stamina and develop fluency.  





Across the school we use a systematic synthetic phonics programme called ‘Little Wandle’ to support the teaching of early reading skills. This programme provides the children with the opportunity to engage in a text daily which focuses on specific phonemes depending on age and stage. It also allows children the opportunity to engage independently in word/sentence/paragraph reading. 

The children engage in daily whole class phonics and grpup reading sessions which enables the children to explore a specific text in depth throughout the week. Through these sessions the children have the opportunity to read as a class, a group and individually, also they explore a huge range of vocabulary as well as their comprehension skills. 

Every classroom at Little Gonerby Primary Academy has an inviting reading area with a range of exciting books both at the reading level and others of the children's passions and interests. In addition to this the reception class enhance their provision with books, phonics activities and puppets/props to support storytelling. We also visit Grantham Library once a term, encouraging all children to have a library card to access with their families as well as having weekly sessions to our school library to sit and enjoy books with friends.  

We have a strong understanding of, and appreciation for the importance of children reading at home and so we have a huge range of home reading materials, each child chooses a book at their reading level as well as choosing a one which can be enjoyed at home to develop children’s passion for reading.





Through the teaching of systematic phonics, whole class guided reading, and opportunities to develop a love of reading, our aim is for children to become fluent readers by the end of Key Stage 1.