Intent Statement

At Little Gonerby CE Academy, we aim to promote a love of mathematics in all learners by providing them with opportunities to practise and apply their understanding of maths, tackling a variety of questioning; giving them the best opportunity to shine their light and get ready for the next step of their education.    



In line with the National Curriculum, at Little Gonerby CE Academy we are following the White Rose Scheme of learning which promotes a balanced approach to fluency, problem-solving and reasoning. We believe all three areas of mathematics are necessary to develop and provide rich opportunities for our learners and leaders to flourish.

We provide our learners with a range of these types of questions on a daily basis in order to challenge everyone and strengthen the relationship between mathematical understanding and mathematical application and reasoning to create masters in maths.

We believe the understanding and recall of division and multiplication underpin large areas of maths and form a crucial foundation for future success and enjoyment of maths. EYFS and Year 1 provide a rich, number heavy environment to allow children to immerse themselves in number; providing the best platform for future understanding.




As a result of the teaching of mathematics at Little Gonerby, all children are engaged and challenged through the use of problem-solving and reasoning, allowing our pupils to talk confidently about mathematical knowledge and their learning. Lessons offer a variety of representations of key mathematical concepts and a range of resources are used support learning. A combination of formative and summative assessments allow us to track and monitor children to ensure all children make good progress.