School Council

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Welcome to Little Gonerby School Council Page


Our most special and important job is:


'Listening to the children

of Little Gonerby' 


We are the voice of ALL the children at LG


Our School Council is currently made up of 10 children from the  Year 1 and Year 2 classes and Mrs Jones (Reception /Amethyst Class Teacher).


Our LGSC for 2017-2018:



Diamond Class Representatives:

Amelia & Logan


Ruby Class Representatives:

Alfie & Sophie


Topaz Class Representatives:

Agnes & Tom


Amber Class Representatives

Mollie & Rienna-Rae


Emerald Class Representatives

Calleigh & Harvey


CONGRATULATIONS to each school councillor.


Reception elections will be held in Term 5, and Amethyst and Sapphire Class representatives will join our LGSC then.




We have a busy year ahead!  This outlines our goals, building on a very successful previous academic year.

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We have our own Twitter account!  Please follow us for news, updates and meeting dates...




We look forward to hearing any ideas you may have through our Twitter account too!



The school council team have two meetings each term, to discuss issues raised by other children, to organise events, feedback on 'listening lunchtimes' and to discuss other ideas to involve children in our school - we are their 'voice'.


Our next meeting is on:


Wednesday 27th September 2017, 

12.30pm in Amethyst Class




Annual Overviews & Goals


Find out when meetings are and any other scheduled events for the LGSC for the year ahead.


Our goals outline what we hope to achieve over the year.

What the LGSC aim to achieve in each meeting

LGSC Listening Lunchtimes 


This is a new idea that the LGSC launched in 2016, and it has been very successful in encouraging all children to share their thoughts with their LGSC, and will continue this year.


Our Listening Lunchtime Ambassadors are:


Bus Stop Buddy -

look for _____ on a Monday and they will bring you to our Listening Lunchtime.


These roles will be filled once our new LGSC has been elected in September.


LGSC Listening Lunchtime is an opportunity to enable all children to talk to and ask questions to our school council.  The LGSC take turns to attend these sessions.


These times are held by the LGSC, and are all about communication between the children in our school.  A time where any child can ask any question or share any thoughts with a School Councillor, who can then take that back to a LGSC meeting where it can be addressed.


Children can attend any week, for any reason. This is a time for the children to share their 'voice' with their School Council, who can then in turn share with the school staff.


The LGSC welcome all LG children, and listen to all their thoughts and ideas, each Monday (except the 1st and last Monday of each new term) lunchtime 12.30-12.45 in Amethyst Class.





Playtime Buddies


Our 2017-2018 LGSC Playtime Buddies are:


to be announced soon...





Mrs Rigby leads the Playtime Buddies team.  


These LGSC members are trained over a 5 week period, completing a training programme on how to be a 'Playtime Buddy'.


They then introduce themselves in whole school worship and explain a little about their role.


What is a Playtime Buddy?

Someone to play with

Someone to help you solve a problem

Someone to help you solve a disagreement

Someone to set a wonderful example of how to behave and play at playtimes

Someone to rely upon

Someone who wears a red baseball cap

Someone who can be trusted and will be fair


Please look out for our Playtime Buddies - they wear red caps - and are here to help all the children of Little Gonerby!




This year we have started to send out a newsletter at the end of every autumn, spring and summer term.


The newsletter explains our successes for the previous term, and our goals for the next.


It will help keep everyone up to date with the LGSC, and help us to keep being the 'voice' of all the children at Little Gonerby.


Click on the pencil icons below to view our newsletter...

Listening Times


This is something we have done in the past.

 LGSC members lead whole class carpet times where the school values were discussed.  


The results of all these meetings culminated in posters which have displayed in school since.


The LGSC are proud of their involvement in helping the children of LG learn each value and what they all stand for.


In 2016-2017 we have revisited these values in our classes, lead by LGSC members.  The results are currently being collated and will be display around school in 2017-2018.

Listening Box


This can be found to the right of the small hall doors.  Children can fill in the form and post it in the red box.  The box is checked at every meeting. If children would like to share their ideas with family at home, they can take their slip home to complete and return it to school.


This is a different way of sharing ideas with the LGSC.  Don't forget you can call into a 'Listening Lunchtime' if you would prefer to talk to someone instead!

Helping others