Victorian Day 2013

Victorian Day 2013


The school was a very different place on Thursday. It was dark, no colourful bright displays and incredibly strict teachers...that can only mean one thing...Victorian Day!


The children had to line up at a boys and girls entrance and enter the school in single file. We were not allowed to speak! Our classroom looked very different with boys on one side and girls on the other.


After registration, we had to go outside for a shoe, hand and nail inspection followed by drill. It was quite scary!


During the morning, we learnt our 4 times table, a Bible passage and had to recite a poem. We wrote everything down on our 'slates'.


In the afternoon, the girls were taught by Ma'am Bayley and the boys were taught by Ma'am Jacklin. The girls were taught to clean and sew and learn skills that would help them to become good wives and mothers. The boys learnt extra maths, technical drawing and facts so they could get good jobs in the future!


We ended the day by going into the sunshine and having a go at some typical Victorian playground games.


A fabulous day and a big well done to all the children for dressing up in Victorian costume and spending the day in character!