The Prodigal Son

We had a very thoughtful start to Term Five and we began by looking at a story from the Bible. We didn't know what the story was about and first we started by simply exploring a picture and asking 'BIG' questions about it. We thought carefully about what the picture might be telling us. We then went on to reading a version of the story but we still didn't have a title. We thought carefully about what the story was telling us and we came up with our own suggestions of what the title might be. We agreed on the ones we thought were best: 'The Spending Son', 'The Forgiving Father', 'The Cross Son'. 

We wanted to make the most of the lovely sunshine and so spent some time outside thinking about thankfulness. We shared our ideas on prayers that a Christian child might write and had a go at writing an example. We had some beautiful ideas and spent a lot of time looking and listening to the world around us.