Terms 1 and 2 2019

Have you got what it takes to be hero?

Year 1 have had a super term exploring heroes. We began our project by dressing as superheroes and finding out what values and skills fictional superheroes have. We used critique and rubrics to design our own superheroes, then designed comic strips complete with speech bubbles.


We then discovered a mystery crime scene in school and after lots of investigations by our little detectives we discovered it was down to the Big Bad Wolf in the text 'The Three Little Superpigs' by Claire Evans. The children created some wonderful wanted posters for the wolf and some amazing stories of their own.


Following this, we decided to look at the skills and values real life heroes have and we were very excited to receive a visit from a police officer who talked to us about his role in the police. We really liked having our fingerprints taken and being put in the back of the police van!!!


Grantham is famous for the first ever policewoman with the power to arrest, Edith Smith. We visited Grantham museum to find out more and explored 'Edith Smith Way' and the old prison cells in Grantham Guildhall. The children then spent time researching and finding out more about Edith Smith. They created some wonderful independent projects to be displayed in Grantham Museum.


We were lucky to receive a visit from Assistant Chief Constable Kerrin Wilson and Inspector Jason Baxter who came to see the children's completed projects. We enjoyed asking them questions, sharing all our hard work and even trying on parts of their uniforms! Thank you for coming!


Finally, Mrs Hilton set us the ultimate challenge of turning our new school values of Respect, Compassion and Honesty into superheroes. We worked in teams to design and then paint our heroes and Mrs Hilton had the tricky job of choosing just one hero for each value. We then worked hard writing a blurb to describe each values hero! 


Phew! We cannot believe we squeezed all of that into the Autumn Term. You have been amazing Year 1!


You can see all our photos and us in action on our Twitter pages @LG_Amberclass and @LG_Emerald.