Term Two

In Term Two we arrived in school to find the classroom was a crime scene! It had been turned upside down. Fortunately, there were a number of clues that had been left and we were able to carefully unpick the scene of the crime. We found out that it was Goldilocks that had broken in but she was very sorry. To help her apologise to the three bears, we were tasked with making new porridge for them as Goldilocks had ripped the recipe. It was delicious, but we weren't keen on Daddy Bear's salty porridge! 

Within the crime scene we found a red cape, which led us to the story of Red Riding Hood. We found out a lot about Red Riding Hood and we enjoyed reading the alternative tale, The Little Red Riding Wolf. The Big Bad Girl was not nice at all and we felt very sorry for Little Red Riding Wolf. In order to bring Fairy Tales back to life for others, we decided we wanted to create a puppet show. We worked tremendously hard together in groups to plan the story with a twist, create all of the scene setters on the computer and design and make the puppets. We also came up with our own script! We enjoyed making our videos and had lots of laughs whilst we were putting them together! We really did bring them to life.