Term Three and Four

Term Three had a very exciting start and we arrived to find the classroom had been transformed into the land of Dinosaurs! We were looking at the question 'What can we learn from the dinosaurs?' and were so excited to find out more about them. We were very lucky (and a little bit nervous) to meet the real life Rex the T-Rex and Trixie the Triceratops! They came to visit us with their keeper but they were very friendly and we enjoyed petting them and asking questions about them.

One morning, a dinosaur egg appeared right there in our classroom! We couldn't believe our eyes. The Grantham Journal wanted to know all about it and so we used our skills of critique and multiple drafting to create wonderful newspaper articles about what had happened. We wanted to know how to take care of our egg and so we did lots of research into which dinosaur it might belong to and did a presentation to our classmates. We talked about which dinosaur we thought it could be based on what we had found out.  

We wanted to share what we had found out about dinosaurs with other children and so we created fact files on the computer which we are hoping to share by creating a dinosaur trail around Grantham.