Term 6 2016

Our Key Question is: 


What makes a place worth visiting and why?

We have travelled to France and Africa, and now we have arrived in Rio, Brazil, ready for the Olympic Games!

We have been Olympic Athletes!  

We watched Greg Rutherford's amazing Gold Medal winning jump, and decided we would try too. We competed in the centre of very own race track. We all jumped and marked where we landed.  We then thought of ways to measure our distance and used our ordinal numbers to order our winning positions!

Exploring our new environment...

Our Olympic torch didn't have a flame!  

We enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies for London and Atlanta and seeing what the torches looked like.  We then made our own.  

We were given just the materials.  We had to choose our own tools and methods.  We were very pleased with our torches.

Then we decided we should have our own Opening Ceremony - so we did!

Having fun in the sun!  

We planted up some pots, and as we moved them we found all sorts of creatures.  We remembered to treat them with kindness, and enjoyed working out what they were and what they needed.

We also enjoyed some other activities in the glorious sunshine!

We loved having a healthy breakfast at school every day in Healthy Eating Week!

We have been enjoying learning about the Rio Carnival: listening to music; dancing; watching the procession; and looking at what they wear. We have been designing our own carnival hats.


Our teachers thought our first drafts were awesome!  We have used critique to make them even better.  We have redrafted until we have the perfect final draft.  Then we decided what materials we would need.  


We can't wait to make our hats/masks!

We've had a visitor who taught us all about the importance of cleaning our teeth to keep them strong and healthy.