Term 5 2016

Our Key Question is:


What makes a place worth visiting and why?


This term we are exploring France and Africa. We have to follow the train track around all three classrooms, taking us through jungles, Sahara deserts, Patisseries, the Louvre, past the Eiffel Tower and beyond...


We will be sampling local cuisine, learning some key French and African phrases, and taking ourselves on another exciting adventure!



Our teachers love seeing how much reading is being shared at home - thank you!  It would be a great help if you could write in our diaries to show what we have read and when, so that the adults in our classroom can help us change our books regularly.


Reading Books are changed on: Monday/Wednesday/Friday. 


Also our Sound Books are now full of all the new sounds we will learn this year.  We are know practising them lots, making sure we know them really well and can use them in our reading and writing. Therefore we can now keep them at home (please don't put them in our book bags), where it would be fantastic if we could use them to practise.  


A BIG THANKYOU from our teachers.

Our exciting start to term 5...  But where are we going and what are we doing?

Our term started in a very different way!  We didn't go straight into our classrooms.  All three classes went into the hall...  None of the teachers said 'Hello', they said 'Bonjour!'


There we discovered a book called 


'A Lion in Paris'


Mrs Prestidge read it to us.  It was all about a Lion that explored Paris.  We learned that Paris is the capital city of France.  And that in that city there is a statue of a Lion.



Then we went back to our classrooms.  But we didn't walk!  


A tunnel had appeared at the entrance to Reception and as we entered it there was a train track!  We were all aboard the Channel Tunnel.


The train track travels through all the classrooms, and we followed it to Diamond Class.  There another tunnel awaited us.  We said "Farewell England, and Bonjour France"!

As we entered our classroom, we realised we had travelled to two different countries - France and Africa!

Our learning environment takes us on a journey through the Jungle, the Saharan Desert, the Eiffel Tower, French cafe, The Louvre, Ice Cream Shop and Cake Shop!

Our deck has been changed too!  We have loved exploring all the new activities - especially when the sun was shining!

Our teachers asked us what we would like to know about France. We had to use our question words:


Where? Which? When?

Who? Why? What? How?


We had lots of great questions to ask - this display has all of our questions - we can't wait to find out the answers!!!

After tasting the delicious French breads last week (Brioche & Croissants), we decided we should make our own!  

We had great fun adding all the ingredients together, and got very sticky 'kneading' our dough.  We then tried very hard to shape our dough like a croissant.  

Then overnight they were baked, which meant by the next day it was time to eat them, and they were scrummy!

This inspired some fantastic instruction writing. We now know instructions must be numbered ad be written in order.  

Our teachers were so happy with our writing, and we were so happy with the eating!!!

We have been exploring HEAVY and light.  


We have had to predict which we think is the lightest and heaviest.  We have been holding our hand up for light (as it weighs the least), and our hand down for heavy (as it weighs the most).  


We have used scales to check our predictions, and even used our bodies to become human scales!

Look at our beautiful observational drawings of daffodils.  

We became French artists for the day and used oil pastels to draw these lovely spring flowers. We tried hard to think about colour, shape and detail.  We're very proud of them displayed in our classroom.

We have read 'Handa's Surprise' this week.  It's such a lovely story.  In it lots of African animals take the delicious pieces of fruit from Handa's basket.


We have enjoyed exploring and tasting all the different fruits:


apple, banana, mango, papaya, pineapple,

passion fruit, orange


We then drew our favourite and wrote about it, adding some interesting adjectives.  We have also been thinking about the animals and drawing and writing about them too.

Our classroom keeps changing...!
We welcomed Ben on his 401 challenge today, as he ran through Grantham - it was so exciting!
We have continued to learn the story of Handa's Surprise.  We have used masks and props to help us retell the story.  Our stories were fantastic!
We were very lucky to have a visitor called Diana. She came to talk to us all about Africa.  She brought some things to show us.  We really enjoyed listening to her.  She taught us about: plantain chips; dancing in the rain to cool off; musical instruments; things they wore; that there are many different African languages.