Term 5

Our Key Question this term is:


What would it be like to live like Royalty?

Our classroom has changed - can you tell what it is....?

Our Project Newsletter for Summer Term

Our project was launched with a mystery trip...

We ended up at Grimsthorpe Castle, where the sun shone, and we began to think about what it would be like to live in a castle.

We had a wonderful day exploring the castle and grounds...

As part of our project about learning about what it would be like to live like royalty, we have been learning all about Prince Harry and his bride to be Meghan Markle.  We have been asked to organise a party to celebrate the royal wedding.


After play we came back into class to find a red carpet and a box. We watched clips of Prince Harry's big brother William marrying Kate Middleton - we realised we were sat on either side of an aisle. 


Then we opened the box and inside was Mrs Jones's wedding dress and veil.  We enjoyed looking at it, trying it on and touching the fabric.



We started to learn all the language associated with a wedding - such as vows, bride, groom, veil, bouquet and aisle.  We then used this language when working in small groups to role play a wedding ceremony.
The next day we enjoyed using the red carpet as a big drawing board for our pictures of our favourite parts of a wedding...
We continue to enjoy our independent learning in class, and look forward to seeing the different activities that appear each day...
We are a happy class and enjoy playing and working with each other...
We enjoyed role playing weddings so much that our teachers changed our role play area into a place to hold a wedding service.  We love it!
Mrs Jones our school Chef asked us to design a wedding cake to celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle.  She came to see us to help us write a royal wedding cake rubric, and then we used this and critique and drafting to create our own designs.
You will never believe who has sent us a message, and asked for OUR help!


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We have been really spoilt with all this beautiful sunshine - and we have enjoyed making the most of it.  We have been learning why it is so important that we wear suncream, bring a named hat and a full, names water bottle to school in the warm weather.

Enjoying the sunshine

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We worked hard to write our invitations for the royal wedding street party for Year 1, and Sapphire Class wrote invitations for Year 2.



The whole school came to our royal wedding street party and we all had a wonderful time.


We were very thankful to our chef Mrs Jones and her team for making all the delicious food and for baking our winning design wedding cake. 

Congratulations to Dulya, whose cake design was chosen by our chef and made into our school wedding cake - isn't it wonderful!

After being wedding party planners, we became journalists reporting on the royal wedding.  We were given the task of watching the wedding, and enjoyed watching clips and reading newspapers with our friends the following week.




Our challenge was to choose our favourite part of the wedding and to either be a reporter and write about it, or a photographer and draw a 'photo' of it.


We then put all of these together to make our very own wedding souvenir special. We are so proud of it.


You can look through the pages of our magazine in the slideshow below...

Our enjoyment of our street party has inspired our new role play area...