Term 4

We continue to answer our key question:


What was the world like when dinosaurs were alive?

Starting the term with some wonderful writing about the half term holidays...
Our guided writing sessions that we have once a week, and our class sentence writing rubric have helped us to get better and better at writing sentences independently.
Every morning there are a range of activities for us to choose from.  We can work alone or collaboratively with our friends - the choice is ours!
We have been thinking about the importance of working as a team.  We made a range of dinosaurs together, which are now proudly displayed in our classroom.
What to choose today...?

We have started preparing our project outcome.  Within our groups we have one dinosaur to focus upon: Pteradactyl, T-rex, Stegosaurus and Diplodocus.


We decided as a group how we would share the information we have learned about our chosen dinosaur.  Each group has a chosen a different way: jigsaw, board game, leaflet and poster. 


First we thought about what we wanted to do and planned it.  Then we decided who would complete which part and completed our first drafts.

This term we are learning all about dance in PE.  We enjoy listening to the music and using it to help us to decide how to move our bodies.

...and then it snowed!


The snowflakes were so ginormous that we had to go and try holding them.  We enjoyed looking at pictures of snowflakes and learned that every snowflake is individual - just like us!

When we came back inside some of us wanted to be snow angels - much warmer making them on the carpet!

Some of our first drafts and critique.  We are so proud of them already, but used critique to help make them even better - to make them 'works of excellence'.

We then made a 2nd draft which we then critiqued and improved to create our final draft. 


Then we used our Rubric again to ensure we had included everything we needed to make a 'work of excellence' - we were 'going for gold'!


These are just two of our final outcomes - we can't wait to share them all with you at

our Presentation of Learning...


Always so much to see and do...

In class worship we discussed Mothering Sunday, and thought about what we think makes a great Mum.  We compare this to what Christians believe makes a good Mother. 


We chatted about how all Mums and Mother Figures can be different, but that they all have one thing in common - love heart

Our dinosaur exhibition at Grantham Library showcasing all our learning from this project.

And so we leave behind the world of dinosaurs, and begin to answer our next whole school key question:


Why is Easter important to Christians?

To help with our learning and understanding new books have been added to our RE area for us to explore...

Can you see the new cross that has been added - can you remember what it is called and what is so important about it?



We have started to learn the story of Easter.  The following animation tells the first part...
We had a wonderful time visiting Grantham Library as part of our celebrations of World Book Day.
We made our own bread to share with our friends, just like Jesus did with his disciples at the Last Supper.

We had great fun during Sports Relief week. 


We particularly enjoyed our morning yoga and sports based Golden Time.

Some of our morning activities...
Our wonderful writing about the Resurrection...

At the end of our Easter Project, in our groups we discussed what we knew about Easter. 


We think you will agree with us that the difference in knowledge from the beginning compared to the end of our project is amazing!

End of Easter Term fun!