Term 3

Happy New Year!  And so Term 3 begins...

Terms 3&4 Reception Project Newsletter

After our Christmas holiday the children have been busy thinking about all of the exciting things they got up to over the holiday period and have been thinking about the year a head.


The children have enjoyed listening to the stories about 'Sally the INDEPENDENT Snail' and 'Holly the COLLABORATIVE Hedgehog' and are trying to be more independent by getting changed for PE all by themselves, zipping their own coats up, going to the toilet and remembering to wash their hands all by themselves, cutting their own food up, listening to instructions and working independently.  They are also trying very hard to work together to tidy up, look after each other, listen to other people's views and opinions and communicate to resolve issues.  When children are spotted demonstrating these important'skills for learning' then they might get themselves a special sticker or certificate. 

This term our key question is ...


What was the world like when

the dinosaurs were alive?


Our topic started with a surprise visit from Ranger Mike and Rex an enormous dinosaur. 


The children gathered in the large hall and shouted for Rex who had gone missing in the school building.  They squealed with delight and nervous excitement as the huge dinosaur walked into the hall, and laughed as the very friendly but mischievous T-Rex swished his tail and knocked Ranger Mike's hat off!


The children then spent some time listening to Ranger Mike tell them all about dinosaurs, ask him some questions and stroke and pat Rex and his friend Trixie the baby Triceratops!

Our dinosaur inspired environment is ROAR-some!
The children have been enjoying singing these songs as a way of helping them to learn the names of dinosaurs and some facts about them.

Dinosaur Raps Playlist - Andy's Dinosaur Adventure's - CBeebies

Ten CBeebies Dinosaur raps in one handy playlist from CBeebies Andy's Dinosaur Adventures Visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies to find even more fun games and videos for your pre-schooler in a safe child friendly environment. CBeebies is dedicated to delighting and surprising its pre-school audience and it remains the UK's most watched and most loved channel for the under-sixes.

We have been comparing what the world looks like now in Grantham with what it would have looked like in prehistoric times when the dinosaurs roamed the earth. 


We watched this clip to help us imagine what the world was like and then used Google Earth to look at Grantham today so we could compare the old with the new.

When Dinosaurs Roamed | Viewer's Choice Top 20

We investigated the question - 'how do we know dinosaurs existed?'.  Through our research we all agreed that it was through the bones and fossils that were found and studied by Paleontologists that we have learnt most about the size, shape, eating habits and types of dinosaurs.


We enjoyed looking at the skeleton of a dinosaur, drawing dinosaur skeletons and making our own dinosaur bones using salt dough. 



We love dinosaurs - they're very handy - they even help us with our number recognition and subtractions! Clever dinos!
We are starting to investigate different dinosaurs, learning their names, finding out some facts about them and drawing them.  We have enjoyed using this link to help us say some of the trickier names!
Each day there are lots of different activities that we can choose from...
Oh the egg-citement when these eggs appeared in our classroom.  We had to chip the ice away to reveal the dinosaurs!

Story for children - The World of Dinosaurs Big And Small

This is a great way to learn about the different dinosaur and how to say some of their tricky names!

We have been learning about the Stegosaurus.  We couldn't imagine the size of this dinosaur.  So we used a metre stick and us to measure out 9 metres wide and 4 metres high!


We found out a Stegosaurus would be wider and taller than our classroom - and we thought our classroom was big!

In PE we have been choreographing and practising our very own dinosaur dances.  We have thought about how different dinosaurs move and learned how to use ribbons to add to our dance. 


We then performed our dances for Mrs Jones who thought they were wonderful.

We are getting so independent, especially when changing our reading book - we love looking at the choice and choosing our favourite one.
Some of this weeks activities...
Follow the link below for a lovely little game to help practise number recognition and counting to 10.  Have fun!
With every project there is a project journey.  We map this out on the wall, showing where our learning has taken us that week and fill it with photographs, work and resources to show that journey.  What a busy term we have had.