Term 2 2015

Our key question is: 


What makes a good story?


We are continuing with this key question this term, moving on from our harvest and farm based stories, to tales associated with the dark.


Our theme of the dark will enable us to learn about Bonfire Night, Diwali, Christmas and night themed stories.

Our classroom has been turned into darkness!  We have made lots of suggestions as to what we would like in our immersive learning environment.  We love it!



We have been learning how to add two numbers. We know now that this sign '+' means add.  We have been using touch counting to find our answers.  Our teachers are very proud of how hard we have worked!
Exploring our new classroom...

We have been exploring colour.  We had great fun using brushes to mix the colours together.  We made lots of different colours and were excited to see what colour we could make when mixing two or three colours.

Bonfire Night


We spent the first part of our term thinking about Bonfire Night, and were involved in lots of activities linked to this annual event:


  • We had a fire in our role play area, and talked about how we stay safe near bonfires
  • Listened to the sounds of fireworks and tried to use our voices and bodies to make the same sounds
  • Learnt a poem with firework sounds in and made our own actions to go with it
  • Made crayon relief firework pictures and talked about how we can stay safe near fireworks
  • Made 'safe' sparklers, and talked about how to use real ones safely.  We have enjoyed using our sparklers to write our names and make patterns in the air.
  • Used collage to make rockets
  • Practised our 'r' sound
  • Wrote about visits to see bonfires and fireworks



Look what awaited us as walked into our classroom....

We worked in talking partners and discussed what light means to us.  We talked about how light can be used on special occasions, and we had super sensible ideas about how to use matches and candles safely.
Our fantastic Diwali day with the lovely Sunita...

We have really enjoyed our Diwali themed role play area.  

We can dress ourselves in Sari's and bangles, 'light' candles, read books about Diwali and dance to music.

We love working as a team!  We enjoy our collaborative work - where we mark make together to make super drawings.  We used chunky chalks on black paper - which reminded us of light in a night sky.

Road Safety Week


We were very lucky to have Dr Bike visit us and teach us how to cross the road safely.  We had great fun and learnt so much.

Festivals around the world


We are so proud of our work about Diwali, and the letters we made from salt dough. This display is in our classroom. Children make these letters in Holland to put on their Christmas trees.  We have hung some in our classroom and some are on our school tree at St Wulframs.

Ice Skating


What a wonderful time we had ice skating at St Wulfram's Church.  We especially loved the snow. We enjoyed exploring the church, looking at the amazing Christmas trees, finding our Little Gonerby tree, the biggest tree, and choosing our favourite.

What a team!  Little Gonerby were joint winners in Bike it! week.  We had a great time on bling your bike day - we were so creative!  Well done everybody!

Whole School 'Christmas around the World' Project


What a surprise we had on Monday morning!  The whole school went into the hall, from there we followed a train track...

The track led us to the small hall, where we found the world, and displays about China, Holland and Italy.

Barnaby Bear had been to visit these places.  We have been set the challenge of learning all about how Christmas is celebrated in Holland!