Term 2

In term 2 we continue to answer the question:


What will our eyes discover?

The clocks have changed, and it's darker at night, and it has got us thinking about the 4 seasons that make up our year:   

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When we arrived back from half term our role play area had turned into an icecream parlour and there were snowflakes on the floor and snow in the tuff spot.  Do you know which season we were learning about?

In the winter there is less daylight and we end up travelling more and more in the dark. We talked about road safety in the dark, and how we could keep ourselves safe.  We talked about the importance of being seen.  We looked at a range of clothes and sorted them into those that would help vehicles see us better in the dark. 


Then we took the clothes we thought were best into a dark tent, and used torches to be our 'car lights' and tested them to see if we were right.


Remember: Be safe.  Be seen.

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Some of this terms morning activities and weekly challenges which help develop our independent learning, sharing, communication, independence, writing, phonic knowledge, maths, fine motor control, computing skills and much more...
Our role play area has changed into an artists studio and gallery - can you guess what our eyes can now see this term?
We are artists! And each week we are learning about a different artist and their style. We are enjoying looking at their creations, and making our own in their style.
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Andy Goldsworthy


Andy Goldsworthy uses things from nature to make his pictures, which are 'drawn' within natural landscapes.  He often doesn't secure his work, so that whatever his creation is made from can go naturally back into its surroundings.


We have learned that natural things come from nature and are not made by man or machines.


We enjoyed selecting things from the school grounds to make a variety of different pictures in different settings.


Facts about Andy Goldsworthy

Facts about Andy Goldsworthy http://5factsabout.com/articles/5-facts-about-Andy-Goldsworthy/

We were so proud to win Ted the Attendance Bear - what a team!


Claude Monet


Claude Monet was a Frenchman who began Impressionism.  It would have been his birthday this week - so we enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to him.  He loved to paint his garden at Giverny, and especially the bridge and lilies his garden became famous for.


He used oil paints, and dabbed the paint on to give the impression of something, rather than drawing all the details.  We used oil pastels to 'paint' in his style.



10 Amazing Facts about Claude Monet

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BBC Children in Need


Our LGSC arranged lots of lovely activities for our school to help us make as much money as we could for Children In Need - to help poorly children and those with less than ourselves.


We made yummy cakes for the end of day cake sale and dressed up for a donation.  It was such fun!

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Andy Warhol


We have now been looking at the American artist responsible for Pop Art.  His style is completely different to Goldsworthy and Monet.


He uses print as his medium and is famous for his bright colours, and for using ordinary things as the subject of his creations - such as a tin of soup! (Yes, really!) He liked to 'make the ordinary extraordinary'.


We enjoyed printing and working with bright colours.

10 Amazing Facts about Andy Warhol

This art video covers 10 amazing facts about the famous American Pop artist, Andy Warhol. The video is aimed at schools, children and those wanting learn the basics about this amazing artist. Andy was a controversial artist who used everyday objects such as soup cans, brillo boxes, cartoons, and comic strip characters as the basis of his work.

Some of this weeks activities...
Fun on the deck...

We had such fun learning the story of Christmas and celebrating Christmas in many different ways.



Our delicious Christmas lunch...
Our super funny pantomine...