Term 1

Our key question this term is:

And so our new year has begun...


We are so excited to be at school, and our teachers are very proud of how we have started to settle already.  The first priority is to make sure we are all happy, and settled and then later in the term we will start looking at our key question.


There is so much to see and do in our new classroom... 


'Welcome to Amethyst Class'


Every term our teachers plan a timeline for our learning which is displayed in our classroom, this is ours for this term...

Autumn Term, REAL Project Timeline

Every term each year group sends a REAL Project Newsletter home, which outlines what we will be learning, our key question and project outcome. This is our Autumn Term newsletter...


Autumn Term, Reception REAL Project Newsletter

We have had a great start to the school year, exploring our classroom and meeting new friends.


Our first week at school is already over and we have been super busy!

Every morning when we come into school there are a range of activities set out for us, helping us to learn so many different things.


We are able to enjoy books, role play, use small world, be creative, write, choose maths activities, construct, use the computers and so much more - either independently or with our friends or an adult.


Each week new activities are put out for us to explore and challenge ourselves - we are encouraged to use the:


Finger Gym: to help with our fine motor control Literacy Challenge: which helps us develop our language and writing skills

Maths Challenge: which helps consolidate our learning from the previous week and covers everything from shape and pattern to adding numbers!  

Phonics Challenge: this helps us to pratise our sounds and key words


Our teachers learn so much about us when they watch us play this way.

Every morning we have to complete the self-register.  


We have to find our named train and put it on the train track.  Our names are written in cursive writing and stay on the wall all day so that we can use them to help us when we are practising writing and spelling our names.

We are so lucky as we have a deck and a garden outside, so we can learn and play outside all year round.  We have been exploring it this week!
We enjoyed making these keepsakes of our first day at school.  We made lots of other hand prints too - watch this space they will be appearing in our classroom and corridor soon - but what will they be for...?
This week we have enjoyed reading The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister.  We have used it as a starting point for thinking about what makes a good friend, and why sharing is important.
This is a super online version of The Rainbow Fish. We thought we'd share this lovely story with you...

The Rainbow Fish

The Rainbow Fish Story by: Marcus Pfister Read by: Ernest Borgnine Animation from: storylineonline.net

We shared our ideas about what makes a good friend and why sharing is important.  We have tried to be like the Rainbow Fish at the end of the story!
Our wonderful collaborative display made with Sapphire Class - isn't it fabulous!
There have been lots of different things for us to do this week, helping us with our fine motor control skills and learning or numbers to 10.
We love playing on the front playground together...

This week more of our hand prints have appeared...


This time on our class 'Skills for Learning & Life' tree.  Our hand prints are the leaves and our faces are on the apples!

We have also been thinking about our schools 'Golden Rules', learning what they are, what happens when we follow them or break them, and why they are so very important.  

Related image

Here we are following the rule of 'We Listen' - our teachers think we are very good at listening.

Such a busy week in Amethyst Class...


We particularly enjoyed sharing and retelling traditional stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Our project journey train track shows our learning throughout the term, here it is so far...
So much to see and do!

This week we received a letter and some bread from The Little Red Hen - it was so exciting!


She asked us to make something yummy to eat with the vegetables we had harvested from the school garden.  We had lots of ideas. 


We enjoyed practising our knife skills to safely and carefully chop the onions, potatoes and carrots.  Then Mrs Jones cooked them. We talked about how the vegetables had changed from dirty to clean, raw to cooked, and then predicted what would happen after they had been blended.


We had two special chefs who helped blend our soup, and then we all tasted it and ate some of the bread that the Little Red Hen had brought us. Yum yum!

We have enjoyed reading the story of the Little Red Hen, retelling it in our own words and using masks to help act it out. 


We have watched and read lots of different versions of the story, learning that the same story can be written in slightly different ways.

Fable: The Little Red Hen from Speakaboos

Perfect for the Fall. Enjoy the Little Red Hen today. When the little red hen finds leftover wheat grains on the ground, she decides to plant them so she can have wheat to make bread. She turns to the pig, the cat, and the duck for their help, to which they all reply no.

Our project journey continues....

In groups we retold the story of The Little Red Hen using masks, and we enjoyed making our own puppets to take home, so we could share our story telling with our families too.


Our teachers have put lots of photos and videos on Tapestry of our brilliant story telling.

Such exciting news!  The Little Red Hen heard how yummy we thought her bread was, and so she called Mrs Jones to share her recipe with us. 


We had great fun making the dough, learning about yeast, forming our rolls, taking them to our chef to have them baked, and of course - eating them. Yum, yum, yum!

We added some of our spare dough to our Little Red Hen story telling table.  We like describing how it feels.
Some of the activities in our classroom and out on the deck this week...
We have met an Olympic Gold medalist this week called Shona McCallin.  She was in the gold medal winning women's hockey team.  We were so inspired by her.

On Monday we arrived to this delicious basket of fruit from Handa. 


We decided we wanted to name it, touch it, smell it and of course try it and it was delicious! 


We also read her story and really enjoyed it.

HANDA'S SURPRISE - Picture Book- Animation

Handa puts seven delicious fruits in a basket to take to her friend, Akeyo. But as she walks, carrying the basket on her head, various creatures steal her fruits. A monkey takes the banana, an ostrich the guava, a zebra the orange, an elephant the mango, a giraffe the pineapple, an antelope the avocado and a parrot the passion fruit.

We decided we wanted to know which was our classes favourite fruit.  We used our carpet time to find out.

The next day we came in to find a net hanging from the ceiling.  We were so excited to find out what it was! 


It had a message attached and it was from Handa.  She had dropped her basket and had mixed up her fruit and vegetables, she asked us to sort them.  We had to work out what she was asking us to do.  We realised we needed to identify each one, and decide if they went in the vegetable basket or fruit basket.  We did a great job in our teams.


With an adult we used puppets or masks to retell the story of Handa.



We have a new role play area this week! 


We have loved sorting, identifying and looking at all the different fruits and vegetables that we now have a 'Fruit & Veg Shop'.  

The following day another bowl of fruit arrived, and again it was from Handa!  This time she wanted to thank us for all our help yesterday - but told us we had to share it as there wasn't enough for one piece of fruit each. 


Our teacher asked us what we should do.  We decided to chop it up, so that we could all try a little of each one.  It was yummy to try more different fruits - thank you Handa!

Another week, another selection of activities...
Fun on the deck...
We love the trim trail - practising our balance and movement, and of course, having lots of fun!

Our project journey continues...


(Haven't we been busy!)

Some of this weeks activities...
We love our Monday mornings, when we get to catch up with our friends after the weekend and to explore all the new activities in our classroom.

What a very exciting start to the week!  Look at what we found on our classroom floor on Monday.


We had so many questions to ask - what animal made the footprint, where did it come from, where did it go...?

We realised the footprints were made by a tiger and the empty boxes were from our kitchen - The Tiger that came for tea!  We then decided to read the story, and think about if we could invite any animal to tea, which animal that might be. 


Which animal would you invite to tea?


We drew the animal we would choose, and tried hard to label it.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr

Read for Hannah Barker by Angrydan.

We were so inspired by this story that we enjoyed making our own tigers at the creative table. Aren't they fantastic - we made these without any help!
Another animal visited us this week - we identified it as a Ladybird.  It liked seeing us and then flew away home - it caused great excitement.

We have enjoyed using 'Dough Disco' this week.  It helps us to exercise and strengthen our fingers, encouraging them to move in lots of different ways. 


We have thought about all the different things we need our fingers for: holding our pencil, doing up buttons and zips, holding our cutlery, holding our cup, using the play dough, holding a paint brush, cleaning our teeth - our list went on and on and on!  It made us think about how important it is to help our fingers to be strong and move in lots of different ways.


We are loving Dough Disco, and are now using this several times a week - it's great fun!

Our Class worship this week was all about friendship, and what makes a good friend.  


We enjoyed acting out the story of 'A miracle in Capernaum', and thought carefully about what we would do for our friends.

What a way to end our first term - by winning Ted the Attendance Bear again - what a team!

Say cheeeeeeeese!


What team we have become in just one term at school, and what a term it has been.  Our teachers are so proud of us, of how we have settled and the class that we are.

Did you see our class photograph

in the Grantham Journal - didn't we all look so very smart!