Term 1 2015

Our key question is:

Self Portraits & Critique


We have been learning about self-portraits.  We started by looking at portraits by artists and talked about our favourites.


Then we used mirrors to look at our own faces - so we could draw a 'self-portraits'.


To make our work the best it can be - 'a work of excellence', we used CRITIQUE.


These are the rules of Critique.  They help us to look at our own work, or the work of others, looking at what we think is good, what we think could be better and then to give ideas of how they could achieve that.

After each draft we critique our work, we then complete another draft.  A draft is a new version of the same picture.  When creating our final self-portraits, we completed 4 drafts altogether.  Each time we finished a picture, we looked at it, thought about what we did well, and looked at just one area which we thought we could make better.  


We are so pleased with our final drafts.  Our teachers are so proud of us - there is such a huge difference between our first and final drafts.  


Our work is now displayed in our classroom - and it looks fabulous!  Thank you to everyone that has come into class to look at our work.  We are so proud of it and enjoyed sharing it with you.

Exploring the deck and our outside area...



Whilst we have been thinking about ourselves, and starting to learn about Harvest, we have talked about and made our favourite foods.  We used to collage to make our favourite meals on a paper plate.  They look great as we walk into Diamond Class.

What fun we have had digging up the vegetables in the garden, washing them and then chopping them up!


We have been learning to safely to use a knife:

  • holding it
  • knowing the difference between the handle and blade
  • knowing how to pick it up and put it down
  • knowing how to cut with it
  • knowing how to hold the item we are cutting whilst keeping our fingers safe.


We then used our knife skills to butter bread, which we then ate with the yummy soup which was made from our vegetables.


Our teachers have been very pleased to see us using our knife skills at lunchtime too - cutting our food safely, and using our cutlery to eat nicely.



We have also enjoyed looking at a range of vegetables, and seeing what they look like inside. We then used our skills from drawing our portraits to create 'observational drawings' of the different vegetables, thinking about their shape, colour and pattern.

The Little Red Hen


We had a surprise delivery this term!  This basket appeared one morning.  We found out it was from The Little Red Hen.  


We enjoyed reading the story, and then worked hard to draw a picture and write about our favourite part of the story.  Our teachers were very pleased with how hard we worked in our shiny new books!

Exploring the different areas of our classroom...

Mrs Wishy Washy


We've been reading the story of Mrs Wishy Washy.  


It has given us lots of ideas for some super work: making puppets, role playing, playing in the mud, making large animals, working together to make collage animals, making (and eating!) mud (chocolate!) cakes and lots more.


We've had so much fun!



We have been on an adventure!  We have loved exploring the grounds of the school.  


We were looking for water for Mrs Wishy Washy, and trying to find signs of Autumn.  


We have been learning all about Autumn and how the world around us changes.  We enjoyed seeing all the different coloured and shaped leaves.  We even managed to see a little ladybird!

Enjoying the playground with our friends...