Spring Term

What makes a place unique?

We have begun our project by thinking about what makes Grantham unique. We walked around Grantham, looking at the different landmarks and thinking about why people would want to come and visit.

We then wrote a travel page about Grantham telling people what they could do if they visited our town. We then realised that there aren't any postcards of Grantham so we decided to design and make our own!

We then moved on to China where we tried some delicious Chinese food and created a travel page about what there is to do there.

We listened to the story of Chang and Koong-Se and used this to design and make our own Willow Pattern plate. It was great fun!

After China, we moved on to Egypt. We dressed up in Egyptian costumes and tried Egyptian foods. We then looked at Ancient Egyptian Gods and used these to design and paint our own Egyptian tomb paintings. We also wrote another travel page about Egypt.