Red Nose Day 2013

Red Nose Day has arrived!!!

Friday 15th March 2013

It has been a very exciting week in Year 2! We have been getting ready for Red Nose Day all week by completing lots of fun activities! We have made posters, leaflets, lots of red noses and researched about Comic Relief. We have even learnt the red nose day song!

We decided to hold a "dance off" between both year 2 classes to the One Direction Comic Relief single "One way or another". In Class 2, we split into 4 teams...dancers, directors, costumes & props and ICT. First, we rehearsed our dance under the supervision of the directors. Next, we were given costumes and props by the costume department. The ICT team were in charge of filming the dance and taking photographs of us. We performed our dance in the hall to Class 1. Mrs Bayley and Mrs Jones thought we were all fantastic and called it a draw!

We then edited our video on the computer and created a final dance video. We were very excited to watch our dance burn onto CD! A competition was held to design the CD insert and cover. Mrs Hilton was asked to choose the winners. We held a press release to explain to the other classes about our charity dance off and showed the video in worship time.

We were also inspired by Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton who was completing 7 challenges to raise money for Comic Relief. Our two year 2 classes decided to challenge each other! Some challenges were easier than others! We had a great day!