Individual Home Reading


Each day we will bring home our reading book and diary. Please ensure your reading books and diaries are in school every day. It really helps us if we can read every day and a short comment is recorded in our red reading diaries.


Sharing a book is a great way for us to learn language, letter names and sounds, story telling, expression, to share our thoughts and develop our comprehension skills so we can use a book or text to find answers to questions.


In Year 1, children are encouraged to change their books independently and are given opportunities to do so every day. Please remind your child to change their reading book when they need to. If you would like to keep a book a little longer rather than change daily then that is absolutely fine too!


Children are carefully assessed and given a 'colour' to choose their home reading books from. These books have been chosen to match your child's reading level. When a child progresses to a new colour, this will be recorded in their reading diaries.


Our teachers love it when we read our school reading book, but reading of any kind is fantastic for our learning too. Please record any extra home reading in the red reading diaries too so we can discuss and celebrate this together in class. Thank you.


Guided Reading


Alongside their home reading, children will also take part in a guided reading group in class with either Mrs Bayley, Mrs Odell, Mrs Parker or Mrs McDonnell. We discuss the text, make predictions, ask and answer questions and complete follow up challenges about the text. Children are also given time to explore the text independently.


We ensure children are given opportunities to read daily, whether in a group, independently or sharing with a partner. If you have any questions about reading in Amber class, please do not hesitate to speak to us. Thank you.