Every child is given a reading book and Reading Diary.  We will have these throughout our time at Little Gonerby.  We need to look after them, keep them safe and most importantly enjoy sharing our book either at home or in school!




Each day we will bring home our reading book and diary.  It really helps us if we can read every day, or at least a few times a week.


Sharing a book is a great way for us to learn language, letter names and sounds, initial sounds, story telling, expression, to share our thoughts and much, much more!  


Our teachers ask that once we have read at home that an adult records this in our Reading Diary, dating when we have read, and adding a comment about how we read.  Our teachers look at this diary to know if we need a new reading book or not.


The adults in our classroom will change our book every MONDAY and THURSDAY if our dairies have been written in.


Our teachers love it when we read our school reading book, but reading of any kind is fantastic for our learning too.