Phonics and GPS


We have phonics lessons every day in which we are grouped together based on careful assessment. We are taught by a member of the Year 1/2 team and learn a range of skills to support reading and writing.


Blending and segmenting are two of the important skills that the children will learn.


Blending is used when reading as it is the process of blending the individual sounds together, to read the word or syllable as a whole. e.g. /s/ /a/ /t/ will be blended as sat. As the blending becomes more fluid, the children will become more fluent with their reading. It is important that the children learn this skill as it supports the reading of longer words as the children progress.


Segmenting is used in spelling and it involves breaking down a word into individual sounds in order to spell it out. This would mean segmenting the word sat into the individual sounds s-a-t. Encourage the children to say the word out loud a number of times so that they can hear the different sounds in the word. As they are writing the word, it may help children if they read back what they have written to check the sounds they can hear. This skill will also become more fluid and children will be able to recall the spelling of words the more times that they spell them. 


GPS stands for Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling and we have daily lessons on it. These lessons will support the children in improving their writing ability by learning and practising new skills and terminology and encouraging them to talk about what they have used in their writing and why.