Our Skills for Learning and Life

Our Skills for Learning and Life

As a school we thought it was important to encourage the children to learn new skills to support themselves in their own learning and challenges they may face.

Every classroom has a display to remind the children of the skills and how we can achieve that skill.

Each skill is represented by an animal in order to make it child friendly and visual. Each class worked together to write a story based on one of the animals and the skills that they use to help solve a problem.


The six key skills for learning and life are:

Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Independence, Reflection and Resilience.


The six animals are:

Sammy the Communicator Squirrel

Ollie the Creative Owl

Holly the Collaborative Hedgehog

Sally the Independent Snail

Rosie the Reflective Rabbit

Wanda the Resilient Worm!


Each week the children nominate other children from the class who they think have been using the skills in their learning. We have a focus skill each term and this encourages the children to learn what each skill looks like in practise. The child with the most votes will be rewarded a certificate during celebration worship every Friday.