Our Partners - EdTransform

About EdTransform


At EdTransform we strongly believe that with the right amount of will, creativity and support we can all change education and schools for the better and with it lives.  And if we can change just one or two lives (be it educators or students) then we can leave a tiny dent in the world, which will be a better place for it.

EdTransform work with schools, organisations and partners across the UK and indeed the world who also seek to approach education in a different – and better – way.  We strive not only to think about education differently, re-imagining what it could look like, but to actually do it…and with staggering results.


Separated by land and sea, connected by a shared vision, our Associate Schools offer world class insight, training and development within easy reach for those wishing to discover more.  Far from being carbon copies, each school is innovative, creative and totally unique... They don't follow... Together we're leading the way!


Little Gonerby Infant School is proud to be an Associate School for EdTransform, opening our doors to share our research, journeys and learning with colleagues from across the country.