Our Art Gallery

Our Art Gallery


We arrived into school Monday morning to discover the postman had delivered four brown parcels wrapped in string! We were very excited and went into the hall to find out more.


Inside each parcel was a picture. Some were very unusual. There was a letter from the art gallery asking us to explore the pictures and create our own art gallery at the end of the week.


Each year group and Rainbow group were given a picture to investigate.


In Year 2, we were give a picture called 'Hand with the reflecting sphere' by M.C. Escher.


We spent time exploring the picture using viewfinders, discussing what we could see, researching more about the artist and having a go at drawing parts of the picture ourselves.


We then used a silver sphere to create our own Escher style pictures. We used a digital camera to take a photograph of our reflections. We used this as a starting point to our own artwork and looked in great detail at how to draw a hand, the setting in the background and our self portraits.


Some of us also explored other artwork by Escher and found he created illusions in his pictures. We tried to build the staircases in the picture 'relativity' out of lego. It was very tricky but some excellent problem solving and teamwork happened.


Our finished pieces of work were amazing and looked wonderful in the school art gallery. We enjoyed showing off our work to parents and visitors on Friday afternoon.