Duck Rescue!

Dramatic duck rescue!

There was drama on the playground this morning with our resident family of ducks!

The pair, who nest in the school grounds every year, had for some reason decided to nest on the school roof this year. so, when the 10 ducklings hatched and were ready to fledge this morning, they faced a scary jump off the roof near the reception and Y1 cloakrooms.

Unfortunately, one little duckling fell into the guttering and instead of a jump, had a thrilling ride down the drainpipe, ending up trapped in the drain!

Luckily, Miss Cunnington our caretaker, was on the scene and managed to rescue the duckling from the drain, before carrying it unharmed to rejoin its mum and brothers and sisters.

the family were last spotted heading through the park towards the river - so if you see a duck with 10 ducklings on the river, you'll know the story of the lucky escape!!