Learning about Africa



With Red nose day approaching, Year 2 wanted to find out more about the people and life in Africa. We began our project by asking questions about Africa...Where is Africa? What do we already know? What would we like to find out?


We then worked either independently or in a small group to research facts about Africa. We investigated how Grantham is the same or different to Africa. We looked in detail at Comic Relief and how the money raised helps people in Africa and the UK. On the Comic Relief website, we watched videos about Robert and his brother Dennis and found out about what life is like living in the African slums of Nairobi, Kenya.


We discussed what people in the slums need to live a safe, healthy life. We found out that people walk long distances to collect clean water to drink and experimented carrying heavy water containers in the playground. We also washed clothes like they do in the slums. We discussed and debated what is essential and non-essential to the people of the slums and researched the cost of essential items. We were given £10 and asked to create an aid box of essential items including as much as possible and to try and use all of the £10.


We also looked in detail at rich and poor houses in Africa and compared them with each other and to our own homes. We then planned and designed either a poor or rich African house and built a 3D model. We took our models into the hall with Class 1 and created a poor African slum and a rich town using our models.


Towards the end of our project we were given chance to find out about any area of Africa that had interested us. A lot of us wanted to find out more about African animals. We created an African sunset picture using yellow, orange and red paint, then cut out sillouettes of animals from black sugar paper to stick onto our sunsets. They look really effective.


Mrs Bayley played us some African music and using percussion instruments we created our own piece of African music using similar pitch, tempo and dynamics. We then compared the African music to modern UK music.


Learning about African slums has really helped us to understand why we have a red nose day and it made the day very important to us.