Great Fire of London


Great Fire of London 1666


Class 2 discovered a mysterious, old chest with lots of clues inside such as a large cheese, bottle of wine, candle, old portrait, diary entry about the Great Fire, quill and ink pot.

We became historians and discovered it had come from 1666 and may have belonged to Samuel Pepys! We were very excited to find out more and had lots of fun researching, acting out, making artwork and creating a dance about Samuel Pepys, the Great Fire of London and the Great Plague.

Mrs Bayley and Mrs Cunningham were not as keen to find out about the rats and fleas though!


We also had a visit from a fire fighter who talked to us about the fire service and how to stay safe if there was a fire in our homes. We talked about how to make a fire plan with our family and the importance of having a smoke alarm and checking it works regularly.