Food and Drink

Food & Drink




As a school we understand the importance of being hydrated and drinking lots of water each day to help keep us healthy. Each child receives a free water bottle once they start school.  This will be named, but will need washing and filling with fresh water and brought to school each morning, and taken home each afternoon.  If this bottle is lost, replacements can be bought at the office. 




Our teacher will give us a healthy snack each morning.




Every morning we get a carton of milk. Once we have turned 5, we are no longer entitled to free milk.  If you wish for us to continue having milk, this can be ordered and paid for at the office - thank you.


Currently no alternative is available.  If we have dietary needs, please speak to one of the Reception team.




Our chef - Mrs Marie Jones, and her team make delicious healthy meals for us everyday.  These need to be ordered online in advance.  An email will be sent when it is time to order.  These meals are currently free for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. There is always a meat and vegetarian option to choose from.


We also get a pudding, and a choice of water or milk to drink.


Mrs Jones is happy to discuss any dietary needs we may have.


If you choose for us not to have our hot school lunch, then we need to bring a lunch box and drink everyday (no chocolate or sweets please).



Please can you help us to remember:

  • To bring our water bottles every day (no juice please, only water). 
  • Order our lunches or bring a packed lunch