Little Gonerby C.E. Infant Academy - Consultation to change Admission Policy


Following our consultation to change from an Infant Academy to Primary Academy and change the Age Phase.  We need to consult upon making the proposed changes to our admission policy.


In addition this information is being shared by the Local Authority and for more details or to comment on the proposed plans please contact 


The consultation process commences on Friday 01 July 2022 and runs until Saturday 30 July 2022.


Below are details of our proposed changes and a link to the Local Authority website which contains the amendments to our admission policy.


Grantham Little Gonerby CE Infant School - Lincolnshire County Council

Little Gonerby CE Infant Academy - Age Range and Phase Change Consultation - May 2022

Infinity Academies Trust are excited to offer the local communities of Little Gonerby the chance for their children to be educated in an all through primary school serving children from the ages of 4 – 11.

A joint consultation is being held by Little Gonerby Church of England Infant school, Harrowby Church of England Infant school and The National Church of England Junior school on whether all three schools should open to the complete Primary age range (4-11).


This will mean that, pupils would not need to change schools and would benefit from a seamless transition from Reception through the key stages up to Year 6 in the same school. This would allow pupils and parents to build a long-term relationship with the school over a 7-year period ensuring that home & school links are strong and consistent for the benefit of all.


The consultation runs from the 16th May to the 17th June.


For more details or to comment on the proposed plans please contact 

We are asking parents and carers to complete the consultation form below and return to the School office or electronically to by 17th June 2022.


For those parents wishing to find out more about the proposal a parent event will be held at Little Gonerby CE Infant School on Tuesday 24th May 2022 at 2:30pm at the school.


Also below are a number of frequently asked questions for your information:

Feedback from Consultation of Age Phase and Admission Changes