Class 5

Welcome to Class 5!

We are one of the Reception Classes. Our teacher is Mrs Anderson and Mrs Odell is our Teaching Assistant.

We are also very lucky to have some students and parents who help us regularly throughout the week and on Thursdays Mrs Franklin is our teacher!



April 2013


We have been able to get out into our new garden! We worked all day on Tuesday, shifting soil and the giant tyres to create more space. It was a lovely day to be outside and gave the children a chance to learn about team work, perseverance, handling tools safely and sharing on a grand scale. We now have a great roadway for the scooters and bikes and garden area as well as a big space for building, running, spacehoppers and playing. We also took the chance to look around the school field to see the signs of Spring (at last!) and in the classroom we have now planted beans, so that we can watch them grow.



March 2013


We started off with a visit by William the guide dog and his owners Mr and Mrs Brown. The children looked forward to seeing William in school during Lent and had a chance to think about what it would be like if they were unable to see. Our school Lent collection raised enough money to sponsor a whole class of puppies, and Class 5 families were particularly generous in their weekly donations – thank you.

The children enjoyed being explorers and palaeontologists and finding out about dinosaurs, fossils and volcanoes. There were lots of opportunities for maths – measuring and comparing sizes,

literacy – looking at non-fiction books and writing facts, learning new words and information and science as we made mini volcanoes and plaster cast ‘fossils’.


We spent the last week of term finding out about Easter. We discussed how we celebrate Easter with our families and the children explored the Easter story and what happened to Jesus. Thank you for making and sending in lovely Easter bonnets, some of the children wore them nearly all day in the classroom before they got out on to the playground for the parade!

Here are some of our photos from this term..

Other snapshots from our term… we all dressed up for World Book Day and family members came in to read stories to us; we found out about our bodies and keeping healthy when the Lifebus came to visit; we raised money for Comic Relief on Red Nose Day; Quantum Theatre came to school to teach us some maths and we went out to see the new willow dens being planted!

February 2013

Exciting times for Class 5!

Class 5 had an exciting start to the new year when we found that a parachute had landed in a tree in the playground. There was a capsule attached and inside lots of green goo and some strange objects. Mrs Hilton gave us a smooth, white oval object to investigate – was it a rock or was it an egg? Mr Steve the Scientist came to help us find out!

We investigated rocks and crystals, we thought about aliens and space, we designed and made fantastic spaceships. We watched a short film called ‘Baboon on the Moon’ – we made space drinks, music and masks and wrote our first story about Baboon and his friend.

It has been a very busy term; the children are now starting to use their phonics in their reading and writing and we have been learning some more sounds – the digraphs! Hopefully, the children will tell you it’s 2 letters making 1 sound.. ch, sh, ee, oa and so on.

This coming term we have a visit from William the Guide dog and the Life Bus. It’s then time to step back into history and find out about the dinosaurs!

...the parachute on the playground was the starting point for lots of activities...

January 2013


  Happy New Year!


We had a very busy and exciting time before the Christmas holidays and we hope that the children have enjoyed their Christmas break at home and are now ready to come back for the new term and a new year!


The whole school will start off the new term by joining together for a special activity week which we hope will capture the children’s imagination. Watch out for news of what’s happening in school….


It’s also an important time for the children to consolidate all their phonics and reading skills from the Autumn Term. They will practise using their phonics in their writing and will also start to learn more complex sounds – the vowel digraphs such as ai and oa – two letters making one sound, so that they can use these in their reading. We will also continue to practise using and recording numbers.    


Thank you for your help with the costumes for the Christmas performance and contributions to the Christmas party – we hope you enjoy looking at some of the photos we took during December last year.










November 2012

What a fantastic start to school!

Our first term at school has flown past and the children have really settled in to the classroom routines.  Their independence continues to grow and I was really pleased to see how many of them could put on and do up their coats by themselves at going home time today!

Our topic this term will revolve around ‘Light and Dark’. We will be doing lots of artwork related to Bonfire Night and finding out about Diwali Celebrations. Later in the month, we will be thinking about road safety and making sure we can be seen in the dark evenings as well as listening to stories about night time and the dark. As we move into December, we will start to find out more about Christmas, relating to our own family customs and traditions as well as the birth of Jesus.

Thank you for the support you have given the children, helping them to learn their sounds and keywords. We have nearly finished the single letter sounds, and plan to practise writing, reading and blending them to make words during this term. These really are the building blocks for reading and writing and the children are very excited when they realise they can actually use their sounds and letters themselves. Keep up the good work!