Class 4: 2012-2013


Welcome to Class 4!


We are a Year 1 class, our teacher is Miss Preece and Mrs Kyle is our teaching assistant.



During Term 6 we have lots of exciting things planned. We are going to be learning about our local area and comparing it to the seaside. As part of this we will be going on a walk around our loacl area to look at the geographical features. In science we are going to be looking at materials and investigating which materials are waterproof, which block the sun and which materials are strong. The children will be using what they know about materials to make something -

Watch this space to find out more!

In RE we are going to be learning about how people from different faiths say thank you and why being thanked is so important. Also we will be thinking about questions we could ask God - we only have 4 questions so we will have to think carefully!

In Literacy this term we are going to be concentrating on story writing. We are going to describing different characters and settings using adjectives, adverbs and similes. We will also be looking at different ways of starting sentences. We will use all of this work to plan and write our very own exciting story!

In numeracy we are revisiting 2d and 3d shapes, the children will be describe the properties of these shapes uses words like corner, edge and face. We will also be looking at place value - partitioning numbers into tens and ones e.g. 34 = 30+4  /  30+4=34


Keep looking on our class page to see photo's of us in action!





During Term 5 we have lots of exciting things planned. We are going to be learning about living and non-living things in our topic work and during the 1st week back we have our own chicken eggs arriving in school for us to watch hatch and take care of. We will be learning about the life cycle of a chicken in our Science work and in our Literacy work we will be using our Science work to write a report and writing newspaper articles using the story of Chicken Licken.

In our art work we will be designing and making our own clasy butterfly tiles.

In RE we are going to be learning about people in authority using the story of Moses. We will be looking at each part of the story and interpreting it through drama, pictures and writing.


Towards the end of Term 5 we will be doing a mini enterprise unit where the children will be making things to sell to parents at the end of the day. The children will be using their maths skills to work out how much each item is going to cost and how much to sell it for. The children will be in charge of setting up the stall - including making posters and getting a float ready (Adults will be on hand to help the children) The money raised is going to be donated to Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire Air Ambulance when they come and visit us in Term 6.  

We have a very busy term coming up...Keep looking for photos of our term!!!




Emergency Role Play

Today (Tuesday 26th February 2013) we enjoyed a visit from William the guide dog and his owner. We learnt a lot about how guide dogs are trained and what they do to keep their owner safe. Here is a photo of William and his owners!


In term 4 we will be learning about emergencies and the services that help us in an emergency. We will be looking at how hospitals have changed following the work of Florence Nightingale. There maybe a surprise or 2 in store for the children this term - keep looking for updates!!! Finally we will be looking at symbols of Easter and the Easter Story.

Last term we had great fun finding out about a pig who wanted to fly, through the use of film. We took on the role of a character and made our own stories using PhotoStory3 and even made an unusual pig out of paper mache.


Here are some photos of all the work we have been doing!

Spring Term 2013

During the Autumn Term we learnt about the Jewish festival of Hannukah, explored pushes and pulls including a visit to the Museum of Linconshire Life and Ellis Windmill. We also learnt about how Christmas and toys have changed over the past 100 years.

In Literacy we looked at different stories including We're Going on a Bear Hunt and Little Red Riding Hood. We also looked at alphabetical order and explored non-fiction books, to help us make our own book all about the 5 sense.

In numeracy we learnt about numbers and the number system,  and used this in our addition and subtraction work. We also looked at 2d and 3d shapes and their properties.

smiley Below are some photos of our 1st term in class 4 smiley