Class 3: 2012-2013

Welcome to Class 3!


In Class 3 our teacher is Miss Jackson and Mrs Milne is our class teaching assistant.

As you will have seen from the news section of our website, a mysterious parcel arrived at school on Monday. It contained 4 pictures from an art gallery and a challenge for us to set up our own gallery in the hall! 


We discovered that the picture we were asked to investigate was Picasso's 'Man in a straw hat eating and icecream'. After a lot of careful examination and study of the painting, and some discussion as a class, we decided to design hats to go in the art gallery. Please have a look at the photographs below to see all the designers and their fantastic hats!

We have started Term 6 by looking at the geography of our local area. On our walk we identified lots of human and physical features and all sorts of things that we thought were really useful or good to have near us. We really liked the park and the paddling pool, we thought the ducks must enjoy the river and thought having a bus stop and shop close to school could be handy.


However, we were sad to see so much rubbish left around on the ground and talked about how, as well as looking messy, it might harm animals. We think people should pick up their litter and put it in a bin or take it home and thought the council should have more bins to help people to be tidy.

Geography Walk

Term 5 was very busy! We started by successfully hatching 10 chicks. We learned how to care for them and compared what they needed to be happy and healthy with what we need. We were sad to see them go but they grew so fast they needed to go back to the farm. The reports we wrote about the chicks were fantastic - you can see them in the corridor if you come and visit. We also had fun using similies to describe the chicks.


The chicks

We had a very arty term. As well as all the art work inspired by the chicks we also explored clay and made some beautiful, symmetrical clay butterflies that are also on display at school. Calvin Innes author and illustrator also came to visit and showed us how to draw monsters - friendly monsters, scary monsters, stripy monsters, sneaky monsters - you name it we've drawn it!

Author Visit

In R.E. we looked at the story of Moses and used drama and role-play to think about how the characters in the story might be feeling and to reflect on the main events. We all took parts in the story of baby Moses and later we made a conscience corridor to help Pharoah decide whether or not to let the Israelites go. Our final task was to imagine what the Promised Land might be like. 

The story of Moses

To finish off our busy term we decided to raise some money for the air ambulance team. Mrs Hilton agreed that Class 3 and Class 4 could have a stall at school and together we decided what we would sell. We had some seedlings that we had grown in science, our Mums and Dad helped us sort out old toys and books from home to bring in and sell. We also got very busy baking gingerbread men and making fudge.  Some of the other adults in school helped by making a some extra cakes and biscuits for us to sell.


We all had a job to do, either welcoming the parents and directing them to the stall, looking after the collecting buckets or taking money and giving change on the stall. We raised over £80!!


Thank you to all the mums, dads, grandmas and granddads who came to our stall.

Our Enterprise Stall

We have been very busy in Class 3 finding out about the emergency services and hospitals. We started our topic with a visit from the Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire Air Ambulance team who demonstrated some of the different ways they can help patients by pracitising on Miss Preece!


We then went on to find out about hopsitals in the past and today. Overnight our class changed into a pre-Florence Nightingale hosptial from the Crimea complete with the sound of scurrying rats, uncomfortable beds and stange smells whilst Class 4 became a modern hospital with an x-ray department, waiting room and lots of clean and comfortable beds.


Then we were lucky enough to have a visit from Florence Nightingale herself who taught us more about her life and achievements. As well as making our own version of her famous lamp and her Medal of Honour, we have written some fantastic reports about all we have learnt which are on display in our classroom.

Paramedic Visit

The Spring Term started with some very unusual events when a space capsule landed in our playground. We were asked to look after a small egg and to discover what we could. Imagine our surprise when it hatched into an alien! We named our visitor Rocky and after learning how to care for him – including making some alien food we the designed rockets to send Rocky back home. We are hoping Rocky might come back for a visit.

Later through a short film from the British Film Institute, we met another interesting character - a pig who wanted to fly! We were able to use our literacy skills to describe him and his friends and think of interesting words to describe all his adventures. We became authors and wrote our own story for him. We even made our own film using PhotoStory3. We finished off the term by making an unusual pig out of paper mache.

smiley Here are some photos of all the work we have been doing! smiley

In the Autumn Term we spent time exploring our senses and created our own non-fiction book to share all the information we had learned. We also thought about some of the Parables the Jesus and learned about the Jewish Festival of Hannukah. We had great fun at our Hannukah celebration –

Mrs Hilton our head teacher enjoyed it too.

Just before Christmas we found out about pushes and pulls and visited The Museum of Lincolnshire Life and the Ellis Windmill to see them in action.

In Maths we have been learned about 2D and 3D shape and measures. We have been practicing our addition and subtraction skills and have been learning how to use what we know to solve all sorts of different problems.

 smiley Below are some photos of our Autumn Term smiley