Class 2: 2012-2013

Welcome to Class 2!


We are a Year 2 class and our teacher is Mrs Bayley. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Cunningham. On a Tuesday afternoon, Mrs Rigby is our teacher. We are also very lucky that Mrs McDonnell helps us sometimes too.



Important things to remember in Class 2...

Monday: Spelling test, new spellings are written down and homework is handed in.

(Remember to take your homework out of your book bag and put it in the homework tray to be marked!)


Our PE day. Please make sure you have your PE kit and remember to take off any jewellery. No earrings please. Please check your plimsoles fit as we will be having PE outside now the weather has improved.


Tuesday: Our library day.




Thursday: Recorder club with Mrs Jacklin. Choir.


Friday: New homework is handed out. Golden time...have you chosen 'bring a toy' today?

Recorder club with Mrs Jacklin.


All children are invited to change their reading books every day and are often given the opportunity to read independently or with an adult. Please remember to bring your reading book and card to school every day.

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