Class 1: 2012-2013

 Welcome to Class 1!

We are a Year 2 Class (there are two at Little Gonerby).


Our teachers are called Mrs Jones and Mrs Jacklin.  

Mrs Jones teaches us on a Monday to Wednesday, and Mrs Jacklin teaches us on a Thursday and Friday.


We are very lucky in Class 1 as we have lots of adults who help us:


Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Simpkins and Mrs Cunningham.  

We also have Mrs Parker, Mrs Graves and Mrs Fearnley who help us every day.  

We also look forward to Mrs McDonnell and Mrs Skinner joining us each week.

We are very busy in Year 2 - there are always lots of things to remember - we hope this list will help!


MONDAY: Please return completed homework

                SPELLING books are needed EVERY Monday



WEDNESDAY: PE bags - and no jewellry please (inc earrings)

THURSDAY: Recorders and Choir

FRIDAY: Recorders

               Has your child chosen 'bring a toy from home' for Golden



READING BOOKS - every day your child is given the opportunity to change their book, and often to sit and enjoy it.  It is very helpful if your child can bring their reading book to school EVERY day in their book bag.                            

Click on the following link for this terms spellings!
In Term 3 we really enjoyed all the snow!  We had a wonderful time playing with our friends in the snow AND sunshine!
We had so much fun in the snow that we wrote some fantastic snow recounts.  We also made some snowy pictures. We put them in our class room window so that everyone could see what wonderful work we had done.

Term 3 also saw some strange happenings at Little Gonerby...


A strange capsule was found in our playground.  In it was several objects, one of which was a silver coloured machine.  It was our job in Year 2 to investigate this machine, to find out what it was, and where it was from.

Term 4 is off to an action packed start!


In week 1 we had William the Guide Dog visit us.  We are trying to collect our Lent money so that we can help Guide Dogs for the Blind.


We just loved William - and he seemed to like us too!

We then had a visit from 'The Lego Man'.


What fun we ALL had!  He taught us how to build houses with 'pitch' roofs and taught us how to create an electricity circuit so we could light them up.  It was FANTASTIC!  We made our very own Class 1 'Lego City'.

Year 2 spent most of Term 4 learning about Africa.


We were learning about this amazing continent.  We focussed on two little boys called Dennis and Robert and looked at the way in which they live.


We used the Comic Relief website a lot to learn about how we can help children that have so much less than ourselves.


We also looked at Nana and Evangeline and the lovely houses they lived in.


We learned about other currencies, houses, food, water, cleanliness and poverty, and so much more.  It was such an interesting thing to learn about.


Take a look at just some of the things we got up to in these photos!

Term 5!  And so the summer term begins, and hopefull the sunshine too!  (We'll be having PE outside now so please check your plimsoles still fit!)


We've got a really busy term ahead...


In week 2 we were very excited about an illustrator and author called Calvin Innes coming to visit us.  He spent the whole day here and each class was very lucky to spend some time with him learning how to draw Monsters!!!

In week 3 we have begun to learn about plants and animals.  And where better to start that in the school gounds...


We had great fun exploring.  We looked at different habitats and searched for various plants and animals within them.

In Term 6 we have been learning about the Victorians.  We had a fantastic trip out to Burghley house where we looked around the old house and explored many different Victorian objects.  We also enjoyed doing lots of jobs that Victorian servants would have had to do.  The weather was glorious and we enjoyed a picnic on the grass together.  smiley

Class 1 Trip to Burghley House

On Thursday 11th July Class 1 turned into a Victorian classroom.  The boys and girls had to sit separately and we wrote on slates all day.  When an adult entered our classroom we had to stand up with our arms by our side.  We had to call Mrs Jacklin "Ma'am" all day.  When we were doing our lessons we sat in rows and were not allowed to speak!  This was tricky but we did manage it all morning. 

In the afternoon the boys had an 'object' lesson all about the potato and then did some further maths.  The girls were learning how to be good housemaids and had to wash the tables and chairs, peel the vegetables and complete sewing. 

We then went outside to play some traditional Victorian games.  We all had a great time!