Autumn Term

We began the term by looking at 'The Bucket Filler' story. We were able to explore different emotions and talked about the effect our behaviour has on other people. We decided we would all like to be 'Bucket Fillers' and talked about lots of ways we could do this!

How do toys and games influence our lives?


We launched our project with a trip to Sudbury Hall toy museum where the children were able to see many toys from the past. The children were able to play with some of the toys and also took part in a workshop where they thought about what toys from the past were made from. All of the children really enjoyed the trip!


Mrs Bayley then set us a challenge. She said that the Year 1 children do not know what to do on the playground as they don't know many games to play. Can we help them? 

Of course, we agreed to help!

We decided that we needed to learn new playground games from around the world that we could teach our Year 1 children. We really enjoyed learning them and hope that the Year 1 children enjoy playtimes now too!

We finished our project by looking at the different materials used to make toys. We then designed and made our own toys and games. We held an exhibition that our parents were invited to and showed what we had learnt throughout the term!