Alien Invasion at LG!

In January an unusual capsule from space filled with objects (and lots of green gloop) landed in a tree in our school playground. It was very exciting! Mrs Hilton, our headteacher, asked Year 2 to investigate a small metal box with 'alien' noises on it. We decided it was a distress signal from a lost alien!

We used musical instruments to send a message to the alien and were thrilled to get a message back. To our surprise, we arrived into school the next day to discover lots of police and crime scene tape and a pile of sparkly sand in the middle of our classroom. We put on our high vis jackets and became scientists and detectives by setting up our classroom as CSI:Year 2! We investigated the sand by using lots of different equipment, heating it up, cooling it down and even adding 'acid' to see if it changed!

We interviewed other people in the school, became newspaper reporters and built the alien planet from junk. We also created electrical circuits using bulbs, buzzers, wires and batteries to try and contact the alien. It was so much fun and we enjoyed writing about what had happened!