Summer Term

This first part of our project focuses on creativity within a theme of Wallace and Gromit and the work of the Aardman Animation company. The children will create their own rocket pod parachute and test it against gravity. They will also spend their time exploring the films and looking at how they were created before working in groups to create their own animation based on the stories of Wallace and Gromit. 

During the second part of our project the children will watch the BBC program Something for Nothing and receive inspiration of how to create a wonderful project from items that people are throwing away. The children will then choose an item to upcycle to sell at an auction.





Week 1:

A Grand Day Out Film

Designing making and testing a parachute.


Week 2:

Exploring the films

Writing character descriptions


Week 3, 4, 5:

Creating an animations - comic strip, script writing, creating models and backdrops


Week 6:

Exploring our local church


Week 7:

Transition Service

Upcycling a product for the class


Week 8, 9, 10:

Designing, creating and upcycling our own products.

Holding an auction to sell our products.