Spring Term

Our project begins with a special visit from a life-like, moving dinosaur who will be coming in to school with his ranger! The children will have the opportunity to see first hand what a dinosaur was like and ask the ranger any questions. We will then set up our learning environment with the children making their own dinosaurs. We will also think about the size of a dinosaur and map it out on the playground. We will research where and when the dinosaurs lived and the children will consider whether they are actually extinct. We will end the half term with a dinosaur exhibition.

In the second half of the term, we will be exploring why animals are becoming extinct today. We will look at why the dinosaurs died out and what has happened to the world since. We will consider the effect that climate change has and what we can do to slow down global warming. Our project will end with a whole school presentation to answer the question, ‘What can we learn from the dinosaurs?’    



Week 1 & 2: RE -

Exploring Judaism


Week 3 & 4: Are

dinosaurs really extinct?


Week 5: What animals do we still have that evolved from dinosaurs?


Week 6 : Our dinosaur exhibition




Week 7: Why are

animals becoming extinct?


Week 8 & 9: Exploring climates around the world


Week 10: What can we do about global warming?


Week 11 & 12:    RE - Easter