skills for learning and life

Little Gonerby's

Skills for Learning and Life


We have been working hard at Little Gonerby to bring these skills to all the children in our school.  


Last year we wrote stories and drew pictures and these were made into beautiful books.  Each book was about a different character.  Each character has a special skill. These stories help us to understand the importance of each of these skills.


There are 6 core skills for learning and life:


Communication, Creativity, Collaboration, Reflection, Resilience and Independence


At Little Gonerby we have our special animals that will help teach us these skills throughout our time at this school:


Communicator Squirrel

Creative Owl

Collaborative Hedgehog

Reflective Rabbit

Resilient Worm

Independent Snail

This is our Skills for Learning Life Board.  The leaves are our hand prints with our names on - this is our tree and our skills.


As we read a new book  and are introduced to a new character and skill, the animal will appear on our board reminding us of why that skill is important and how we can use it and apply it.