Religious Education


As a Church of England Aided School, Religious Education (RE) is viewed as an important part of the curriculum. It contributes to the ethos and values of the school and supports the school’s aims. We follow the Lincolnshire Agreed Syllabus.


We aim to ensure that the children:

  • gain a sound knowledge of the Christian faith based on the teachings of the Bible, particularly those of the New Testament.
  • develop a sense of wonder, awe, curiosity and mystery,
  • learn to ask and provide answers to BIG questions which are puzzling and difficult to answer or where not everyone agrees on the answer,
  • develop a sense of respect, sensitivity and cultural awareness and to develop a respect for the rights of other people to hold views and beliefs that are different from their own. This includes developing an awareness of other faiths.


We also aim to:

  • instill a sense of self worth and sustain children's self esteem.
  • provide children with opportunities for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.
  • encourage children to make informed decisions and to accept responsibility for the consequences of their choices.
  • enable children to explore our shared human experience and the questions of meaning and purpose which arise from our shared experiences.
  • develop the ability of pupils to think about, and develop for themselves, beliefs and values by which they can live, through studying concepts like celebration, the sacred, authority, religious belief and lifestyle and through exploring the fundamental questions of life.


Children are taught RE by their class teacher as part of the wider school curriculum. Where appropriate, RE is integrated into other areas of the curriculum in a cross-curricular approach and linked with our school values of respect, fairness, honesty, working together, caring and doing our best. For instance RE may be taught and explored through art, drama, music, story and discussion.


Activities are planned to encourage participation by all children at a level appropriate to their ability.


A range of artefacts, pictures, photos, posters, videos, visits and visitors will be used to support the children’s learning. We have strong links with St Wulfram’s Church and children regularly visit the church as part of their RE studies e.g. when exploring baptism or places of worship. The clergy and other members of the community at St Wulfram’s are willing to meet with the children and be involved with Religious Education. Year 2 children also take part in the Church Schools Infant Festival held at Lincoln Cathedral each year.